A chill moment!
I like the overall, I got to a point I feelt it was okay to leave it.
Detalis can aalways be better but the human form practice is still on.

Speedpaint: Peace

Just to continue practice, so FR**KING Fun!!



Continue character body form practice!
Will focus forward in this style for some time, the aim is to get better on the human form.

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The lightning and lines could be way better but like said, it’s not the point behind this practice here.



More body symmetry practice.
~7 hour piece

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Through this practice I realizing my weaknesses way more.
If I focusing on my weakness, the result will be a good practice. But if I trying to combine the weakness practice with lightning painting and illustration, some part will be worse like this picture. The lightning could be way better.

But more more practice!

Last Word

This one was all about practice body symmetry, and I realized when I tried to combine a illustration painting with this focus, it wasn’t a good combination, that’s why I left this painting so poorly detailed.
I’m happy how it turned out with the posing and style. But like said, the focus was on the symmetry and posing, not details.

Now the next one I will only focus and do a character, no focus on the background or the surrounding.

All about practice!! Love IT!Last wordmini


Practice practice practice!
14 hour piece, really liking the result!

Lates time I have focused to practice faces a little more, so now I wanted to make a little closer shoot of a couple.
Searched up a reference pose on the side what I liked to use, went to this.
Then the idea to add a cyborg.
I’m happy!

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It exist smaller details to add and fix like always, the biggest adjust would be the hands.
The hands was truly a struggle!
So now when I’m aware of it, I will spend some extra practice time on hands.

Daily practice continue!