Facepractice (Scarlett Johansson)

This one was all about to higher the skills.
Spended around 15 hour on this, and .. I’m actually happy overall.
Feels the skills under the half year has higher, just to continue in the same way.

I choosed and had a reference picture on the side under process, tried to paint it as good as possible. To get the propsition and lines – everything. The most difficult part was the coloring and the lightning part.
Reference picture: Scarlett Johansson

Here is the speedpaint (open link):

I found now afterward some smaller mistake, with the left ear and with the hair line for example, but it’s okay for now, just to continue pracitce.


Dead Sea

Just some random fantasy.
Had time limit on 3 hour, it became 4,5. It was little to fun so I forgot the time.

Didn’t aim for any details or anything special in the painting, just the speed and few layers as possible. Made it with 2 so I’m happy with it!

Check out the Speedpaint: Dead Sea

Thank You for watching by.
Support page: Patreon

dead sea15

Mushroom Legend LvL99

The May challenge with Jazza.

The process took around 17 hour and I enjoyed it ALOT for real like always!

The challenge was to take any character from a game, movie or a serie.
Imagine this character is level 1 and the challenge then, evolve him to level 99.
I was wondering for 1,5 week, who it would be and my mind got stuck with Toad!

It may be a easier character to evolve, compared for superman for example.
But the mind was stuck with a epic painting with Toad.

Speedpaint: Mushroom Legend LvL99

I didn’t want to much armor or size different from original, but I wanted to give him a powerful look. And it hasn’t been a easy way to reach this level for him. Feels reeally good over the result.

The legend doesn’t show himself that often, but he did come and stopped Bowser from demolish the castle completely. Mario and Luigi is away, but what they say afterward, even mario and luigi together would have had a hard time to knock down this version of Bowser.


TOP 8 Favorite

This was Fun!
This drawing is made on a A3 paper, little bigger actually, 47 x 37 cm.
For 2 years ago I did a drawing on my TOP 7 character (you can see it in the speedpaint) and one more has been added under this half year.

You can see the speeddrawing for a micro support on my Patreon page:

Took me 6,5 hour.
The shading part is a little brighter here on the photo compared to the reality.
Some mistakes was made on jokers teeth symmetry for example, but overall I’m really happy.
I was about to draw around with a red marker, but the red is so strong red so I stopped.


Team 79.8

Here is now the result, the illustration painting of the Team 79.8!

This took me 18 hour to make, really tried to focus on the weaknesses so I took my time for sure.

Now I have made a little change, from now on I going to share with you the process, behind the scene and plans on my new Patreon page.
Wanted to find a way, that hopefully can support my work a little and not only that. I little penny of it goes to a donation for Rheumatism research.

Link here: https://www.patreon.com/connydraws

Overall, Really happy over this and it was a reeeally good practice round!
Details can always be better but through practice it will be.


New Life

This is the result for this month with Draw With Jazza.
The challenge was to combine traditional and newer digital art/style, it was a challenge for sure but somehow I think I got it.
I’m way happier with the resulte than I had imagine in the start.

Took my time and spended 10 hour on it, felt like I could have spended a little more but it wouldn’t have been that big different.

Speedpaint here: NewLife
Now after I see some small detail is here and there with lighting and shadow that could be a little better, it’s okay.
But then I saw a bigger issue with the arm detail lines, but it’s okay for this time, learning through the process to see better this fails.
It’s going to be fun for the future so see this failes what kind of level I was on.

But overall like I mention, I’m happy with the idea and how it went.
Just to continue practice!

New Life1.2.mini

Memory Drawings

Here is now a little collection examples on memory drawing so far!

Different from Ordered and Practice is the detail and time spending!
In orders I spending time until we both are happy, with practice pics I have spended most of the time on the pet just to practice.

Are you sitting and thinking, this could be a nice painting of your pet. Little more unic from a normal photo and feeling now you would like me to draw your pet in the same kind of style.

The e-mail: emmerstedt_47@live.se

-The time it takes for each painting is around 5-10h.
-50€ for a complete painting.
-More info will be given in the email 🙂






Dog oliver